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n. A dry, dusty wind that blows from the Sahara across
West Africa. [Probably from Arabic haram, a forbidden or accursed thing.]



'Several years back I read a novel about a culture that was foreign to me. It was written by a journalist who was asked in an interview why a novel rather than the reporting of facts. The answer was that sometimes the best way to convey the truth is a novel. This novel conveys a reality in ways that facts never could.'

'We haven't released anything as hauntingly beautiful and ultimately as heart wrenching since Tan Twan Eng's The Gift of Rain.'

'Harmattan is full of the colours, sounds and aromas of West Africa. There's an undercurrent of seething anger too, all the more potent for its masterful understatement.'

Publisher, Ed Handyside.

'Harmattan is a captivating and beautifully written debut novel. Gavin Weston's unique and distinctive style hails a new era in Northern Irish literature.'

Kellie Chambers, Ulster Tatler

'Harmattan is just the novel that writing from Northern Ireland needs right now, opening a window on to the world. Correction, Harmattan is just the novel that all readers need right now.'

Glenn Patterson

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