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n. A dry, dusty wind that blows from the Sahara across
West Africa. [Probably from Arabic haram, a forbidden or accursed thing.]



'A most remarkable debut. Weston has created an unforgettable heroine with a truly authentic voice. A moving and utterly engaging page turner.'

Anne McReynolds, Director, The Mac

'A twelve year-old girl given away in marriage... ultimately tragic... but Harmattan is not only about Weston's central character; it also paints a picture of this part of Africa very well.'

Kim Lenaghan, Arts Extra, BBC

'This is a beautiful and heartfelt story... Like "Lovely Bones" sometimes a story is so harrowing that despite having a young girl's narrative it translates perfectly to an adult novel... a very sensitive and authentic voice that was easy to love... I definitely believe in it.'

Stephanie Williams, Rebel Books

'Refreshingly different...'

Jo Unwin, Conville and Walsh

'...well-written and an interesting setting...'

Laura Cecil, Literary Agent

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